Reading Lamborghini’s Future, the Asterion Is Just a Card

Now that the Paris Motor Show has demonstrated Lamborghini likes to think about hybrids when it goes to bed at night, there’s one big question regarding the future of the Raging Bull - what’s next?
Trying to answer that is a bit like aiming to get a girl by hoping for a positive answer to the “she loves me/she loves me not” game and yet there is one clear aspect here. Lamborghini has always been about the show and this is the only pillar of the brand that will remain unchanged.

The show must go on

This extravagance that Sant’Agata Bolognese knows how to fabricate all too well will continue to be the best way to describe the brand. Factor in the general trends of the super-performance segment and you’ll have the clearest possible view on Lambo’s future.

As for those trends, I’ll go about 40 minutes of driving, to Maranello, where the future has already been written - all upcoming Ferrari V8s will be twin-turbocharged, while any future V12s will be assisted by electric muscle.

Truth be told, certain Lamborghini customers are not all that interested in what feeds the wheels with power. Instead, they're keen on receiving the traditional flamboyance and this is the notion executives have in mind when making demands to their engineers.


Last time Lamborghini placed its badge on something with four doors, we got the superb Estoque. Well, If people actually wanted a Lamborghini four-door coupe, the company would have made the Estoque story a production reality. The Asterion is different though.

Don’t expect to see the thing on the street too soon. At least not in its current hybrid form. Everybody paid attention to the propulsion system, but we mustn’t forget the packaging - the Italians have been off the Grand Tourer market for ages and this looks like an attempt to return. I’m pretty sure there are enough people willing to parade their Lamborghini across the continent, which means the business case for a GT is here.

Yep, we might just get a contender for the Ferrari FF. This is where some of you might expect to see me mentioning the Bentley Continental GT, but, as always with VW Group stuff, the cannibalization isn’t a problem.

As for the petrol-electric matters, we’ll probably see this in the upcoming Lamborghini SUV. What’s that - you want certainties? Heck, we don’t even have the actual name of the car yet, so don’t ask me what’s under the skin.

Chances are that, by the end of the decade, we will get another Lamborghini hybrid besides the SUV. They can’t escape emission pressures forever and matching their V10/V12 with electric power is a purer way than adding turbos, at least until the forced induction technology shows true advances - Audi’s electric charger is probably the best example here.

When the move happens, you can be certain the creature will turn just as many heads as you’d expect it to. Perhaps its wheels will be turned by herds of genetically engineered miniature bulls, that will pale in comparison to its show-stopping attitude.
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