RC Unimog Snow Plow Turns Sidewalk Cleaning Into Epic Way to Spend a Winter Day

Back when some of us were kids, everything seemed to move at a different pace, and life was a bit calmer during each of those 24 hours. That meant time wasn’t necessarily the hottest commodity out there, so we had no choice but to sweat and strain our backs while clearing up the snow during those long winter days. Now, everything needs to happen blistering fast, so it’s no wonder we need assistance from technology.
RC Unimog snow plow on reddit 9 photos
Photo: u/Ldsone071/reddit
RC Unimog snow plow on redditRC Unimog snow plow on redditRC Unimog snow plow on redditRC Unimog snow plow on redditRC Unimog snow plow on redditRC Unimog snow plow on redditRC Unimog snow plow on redditRC Unimog snow plow on reddit
With much of the Northern Hemisphere still waiting for the last winter storms to pass so we can all start this year with sunnier days, it’s no wonder just about everyone is trying to make the best of all this snow. Some have decided to call their kids for help, others that a small 6x6 break is always in order, and a few even think the snow is perfect for hooning electric or sports car rides without fearing mechanical disaster.

But some of us do have to get to work outside of our comfortable homes, so having the roads and sidewalks cleared is probably a big aid. Everyone is doing their part these days, it seems, with a lot of help from vehicles fitted with snowplows. Interestingly, if you happen to love playing with RC rigs just like this man, then acquiring a trusty Unimog might be of great help when dealing with a snowy situation.

This reddit video (embedded below) is a clear statement of how cool the Mercedes-Benz Unimog really is – even when shrunk a bit compared to the regular series that’s been in production since way back in 1948. Basically, what we have here is a lazy person who’s probably invested quite a lump of sum for the opportunity to have some RC fun even when he should be sweating and shoveling snow for hours.

Instead, the cool Unimog scale replica is seen plowing the sidewalk in seconds. We’re pretty sure he ended up tidying up the entire street just because it was too fun controlling the RC and seeing the all-mighty Unimog effortlessly doing all the work.

As far as the exact model the person is using, reddit users seem to agree it’s a pretty expensive rig created by a German company called ScaleArt. They are selling a scale model replica of the Unimog 437 series that’s 415-mm (16.33-in) long, has a 38-mm (1.49-in) ground clearance, and weighs in around 5.2 kilos (11.46 lbs). It reportedly took two years to develop this toy.

Pricing-wise, one can imagine this RC vehicle isn’t coming in too cheap, especially considering all the technical features – the little Unimog still comes with 4-wheel drive and portal axles, as well as differential locks.

There’s also a three-speed manual transmission and digitized sounds of the original coming from a mini-speaker, as well as numerous options to personalize the Unimog according to any wish. This means you can easily go overboard with a massive paycheck after the basic kit already starts at €2,250 ($2,715).

This Tiny Snow Plow from r/INEEEEDIT
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