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Raven Demonstrates That Birds Can Hurt Your Car In Weird Ways

Birds are a beautiful part of nature, and we should do our best to protect them. However, some of those winged animals can be douchebags, which makes us think of human nature.
Raven rips up parking ticket from a car's wiper 4 photos
Photo: Screenshot from video by Annemieke Mulders
Raven rips up parking ticket from a car's wiperRaven rips up parking ticket from a car's wiperRaven rips up parking ticket from a car's wiper
At some point in your life, you have probably heard someone use the excuse that one of their pets, usually a dog, ate their homework or documents. While difficult to believe, that can happen, and one of our writers has a cat at home that occasionally acts as a living, breathing, paper and cardboard shredder.

Without the correct paperwork at hand, you can get a bundle of trouble, and a Canadian driver from Yellowknife found out the hard way. It started out with a car parked in the city’s downtown, which had a ticket under its windshield wiper. So far, so good, right?

Well, somehow, that ticket was spotted by a raven, and the bird picked it to pieces with its beak. It is unclear whether the raven was a reincarnated solicitor, or just hungry, but we will leave that matter to the specialists to decide, as we are not experienced in this field. If it has wings and flies, it is a bird to us, things end there, sorry.

We know that a raven teared up a parking ticket because an amateur videographer managed to film the entire thing. The owner of the vehicle might never know what happened, but a $25 ticket is headed his or her way, and it will remain this low for ten days. It doubles in price after that period, so be sure to pay it if you happen to find one beneath your wipers.

According to representatives of the City of Yellowknife, people have yet to use the excuse of a parking ticket being eaten by an animal, but it still has to be paid, because it was also registered in the system. With that in mind, all that’s missing for that bird to be a massive jerk is leaving droppings on the vehicle, just to be sure the owner will have an extra bad day.

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