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Rarest Pagani Hypercars Form Carbon Fiber Gallery in Italy

Perhaps London is too full of Dubai supercar owners, or Italy is just that much more beautiful. But for whatever reason, a lot seems to be happening in the Dolomites.
Rarest Pagani Hypercars Form Carbon Fiber Gallery in Italy 1 photo
A few days ago, we saw that Ferrari organized an event for the brand new GTC4Lusso 4-seaters. And now, we have the most extraordinary convention of Paganis that we've ever seen.

The cars filmed by Youtuber The Stradman are not just expensive or fast, but they are custom-built and exceedingly rare. You can't get this kind of exoticism with Lamborghinis or McLarens, can you?

Nowadays, exposed carbon fiber is common, but the Zonda could be considered the starting point of this trend. And the first car in this video could be considered one of the rarest, the Zonda 760 LM. It looks like a combination between the regular Zonda we all know and an Audi R18 Le Mans race car, thanks to those unique headlights.

The 760 LM features a bare carbon fiber body finish, roof scoop, a huge rear wing, massive rear diffuser, air ducts on the hood and it looks like the special model also has wider wheel arches. Right beside it is a red example, followed by the 760 VR Roadster, which is probably my favorite Pagani of all time.

These cars are all powered by a 7.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine rated at 750 hp (760 PS) and sourced at AMG-Mercedes. And then there is the turbocharged beast that we know as the Huayra. Even the BC, which is a brand new model, made its appearance at this gathering.

This one makes about 800 PS and costs 2.3 million euros (approximately $2.62 million). But the Zonda 760 models cost at least that much too, so everything seems normal here. Does anybody want to count all the millions or horsepower figure in this video?

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