Rare Things: a Girl Mad About the E28 5 Series BMW

BMW E28 5 Series 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
It's not easy being a BMW junkie. You want to know every possible thing about BMWs and nothing is too much when it comes to your car. Ashley is one of us and she has a special thing for E28 5 Series.
This is even more peculiar since, let's face it, girls are not usually that much into cars, especially ones that are 30 years old. Finding a girl that also enjoys taking care and fixing any minor issue on her car is an even rarer thing.

The amateur train photographer says she owned over 15 E28's in her short life starting with a 528i. She had every E28 model, except the td and is now extremely comfortable with a M535i that she's been driving for 6 years.

It's easy for us to see why she prefers these old cars. They were built in an age that wasn't characterized by consumerism. An age when cars were built to last, and last they did.

Few current day cars will still be running as good as the E28 does, 30 years after production and ever fewer will still be out of junkyards but rest assured that if you'll see a car doing this in 2043, it's most likely to be a BMW.

Many thanks to Petrolicious for the video.

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