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Rare Nogaro Blue Audi RS4 Avant Gets a Well-Deserved Refresh

This Audi RS4 Wagon wasn’t left in a barn to rust away for decades. It wasn’t particularly dirty either, or it didn’t seem so, at least. It actually looked to be pretty lively and in good shape. Still, it needed a good amount of work to repair what had been done improperly in the first place.
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This “Nogaro Blue” Audi RS4 Wagon is one out of “maybe three or four in the country,” according to the owner. While it looked good from afar, stepping up close revealed some issues.

The paint was scratched and swirled all over the place, it had foggy headlights, and a dull front grille that used to be black in its better days.

Moreover, the bumpers seemed to have been improperly painted before the current owner bought it, the once-shiny windows were full of water spots, and the Recaro seats were fading. To top it off, the door jambs were full of dirt, so Larry from AMMO NYC got to work.

While the brake rotors and calipers were looking good, the wheels themselves and the undercarriage weren’t. Still, nothing that a good power wash and a good amount of foam can’t handle.

After the car got the first round of cleaning, it was now time for the rims and hub caps to get their shine, which they did pretty quickly since they weren’t in such a rough shape, to begin with.

The seats had to be re-dyed, so they had to be taken out of the car. Now with a more spacious interior, Larry went on to clean the plastic and leather surfaces inside (some of which needed a degreaser), finishing off by steam cleaning everything.

Thanks to a fresh coat of paint, the seats got a well-deserved refresh, ending up looking almost brand new. Speaking of paint, the whole car received a correction, which was needed to remove the scratches and swirls. Having solved that problem plus cleared up the headlights, it was time to remove the water spots on the glass.

As always, the hard work paid off in the end. You can see how the Audi turned out by checking out the video below.

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