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Rare Dodge Ram Van Barn Find Is a Piece of Classic Rock'n'Roll on Wheels

Launched in 1971, the Dodge Ram van was a model that people just loved to customize, and it became one of the most popular picks for rock and roll bands that were looking for a comfortable way to travel across the country, all with enough room for their instruments.
Dodge Ram van barn find 11 photos
Dodge Ram van barn findDodge Ram van barn findDodge Ram van barn findDodge Ram van barn findDodge Ram van barn findDodge Ram van barn findDodge Ram van barn findDodge Ram van barn findDodge Ram van barn findDodge Ram van barn find
Dodge itself tried to make the most of this appetite for van customization, so the company released a Street Van customization package that introduced additional chrome details, special logos, and interior improvement like fake wood grain inlays in the horn cover on the steering wheel.

Needless to say, the Dodge Ram van has been quite a popular model during the ‘70s, and some units are still around these days, a few in actually good condition.

The ’78 model that we have here, for instance, is a barn find that’s been off the road since the ‘90s, according to the owner that’s now selling it on eBay.

While they say the van starts and runs, some improvements might still be needed, especially because it doesn’t seem to be roadworthy just yet. Only small fixes have been made so far, like new plugs, but other than that, you’ll certainly need new tires as the ones the van comes with are very old.

As far as the rust that typically comes with a barn find is concerned, there’s little to be concerned in this regard. The owner says there’s just a little bit of rust under one door, but other than that, the body seems to be in good condition.

The van is powered by a 318ci (5.2-liter) V8 engine, and the odometer indicates approximately 90,000 miles (144,840 km).

Despite the Dodge Ram van itself being something that you can’t find easily these days, the model here doesn’t really cost a fortune, as the owner expects to get just $3,900 for it, so it’s quite a bargain.

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