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Rare 1999 Saleen Mustang S351 Up for Auction on eBay

Back in 1999, Saleen was offering its last units of the fourth-generation Ford Mustang-based S351. Enhanced with a Vortech supercharger, the machine was delivering 495 HP and 490 ft-lb of torque to any musclecar enthusiast willing to to pay the $55,000 price tag.
1999 Saleen Mustang S351 4 photos
1999 Saleen Mustang S3511999 Saleen Mustang S3511999 Saleen Mustang S351
Only 40 examples of these super fast vehicles were built, and apparently they’re pretty hard to find nowadays. This particular unit was listed on eBay starting from $26,000 and has undergone substantial engine modifications at AED and TPS Motorsports to achieve 532 HP and 534 lb-ft of torque.

The owner says it also gained an upgraded fuel system, a Trickflow intake manifold, Renegade engine pulley, Victor JR heads and many more. Painted silver and still wearing its green interior, the 14-year-old Saleen has only 41,500 miles on its odometer.

While some might argue that the vehicle could have been more valuable if sold in its original state, this musclecar is still awesome and most certainly worth a look. Not to mention that the fourth-generation Mustangs are plain mean in that Saleen body kit.

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