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Rapid Pickup Rendering: Should Skoda Build a Pickup Again?

Now, now, there are quite a few pickup models based on sedan out there in the world. Dacia has had reasonable success with the Logan Pick-up, while Peugeot is selling the Hoggar in South America, basically a 205 with a big bead and small engines.
So why not Skoda, since they are the lest upmarket of all the VW Group brands. The problem is that the American way of life doesn’t work in Europe. You can’t just expect stuff you put in the bin to be safe. So really, pickups are only good for transporting aluminum windows or putting big refrigerated aerodynamic covers for transporting food products.

But if Skoda did want to make a pickup again, the new Rapid sedan would be the perfect place to start, since it’s the cheapest car besides the Fabia.

Those of you with a short memory will have forgotten that Skoda has made such vehicles in the past. Back in 1992, they launched the two-door two-seat pickup truck, called the Škoda Pick-up (Type 787). It was classed as a light commercial vehicle and powered by a 1.3-liter petrol engine couple to a 5-speed.

It successor was the Felicia Pickup, built from 1995 until 2000. It was exported to some market and re-badged as the VW Caddy Pick-Up.

So really, the Skoda Rapid pickup is still a possibility, but dedicated commercial vehicles are a much better proposition.

Rendering by Theophilus Chin


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