Range Rover Velar Driver Survives Final Destination-Like Crash

Picture this, you’re driving along just minding your own business in your flashy Range Rover Velar when suddenly, a giant road sign comes flying out of nowhere and pierces the vehicle like something out of the movie Final Destination. OK, we’re just kidding; the driver was most likely to blame for this, especially when you consider the damage to the front bumper and the source of these images.
Range Rover Velar accident in Ireland 7 photos
Photo: Bad Drivers Caught on Dashcam / Facebook
Range Rover Velar accident in IrelandRange Rover Velar accident in IrelandRange Rover Velar accident in IrelandRange Rover Velar accident in IrelandRange Rover Velar accident in IrelandRange Rover Velar accident in Ireland
We found them on the Bad Drivers Caught on Dashcam Facebook page, and they were posted just a few days ago. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about how it happened or what happened to the driver, but all signs (no pun intended) point to them being alright.

Since this was a right-hand drive version of the Velar, the sign punctured the passenger side, and we suspect (and hope) there was nobody there to begin with.

What we can tell you with absolute certainty is that the incident took place in the Republic of Ireland, somewhere between Cork and Limerick, just 22 km (14 miles) shy of the town of Mallow.

Now, if we had to guess as to how something like this might occur, we’d say the driver, for whatever reason, was either not willing or unable to pay attention to the road properly, and proceeded to impact the sign, including the support it was using. That's the only way we can explain the damage to the front fascia.

Ultimately, the moral of this story is that you should always keep your eyes on the road and try to avoid any distractions, like your phone, for example. Also, if you feel tired, pull over and get some rest. Anything is better than the alternative. Otherwise, something like this happens, and, best case scenario, you end up on an online thread where people make fun of your wheel model choice.

“Didn’t notice the sign at first, was too horrified at the poverty spec alloys,” said one keen-eyed observer.
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