Range Rover Customized by Sutton Shows There's a Way of Doing It Discreetly

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Sutton Range Rover SportSutton Range Rover SportSutton Range Rover SportSutton Range Rover SportSutton Range Rover SportSutton Range Rover SportSutton Range Rover SportSutton Range Rover SportSutton Range Rover Sport
You might be under the impression that car customization is a lot different than what we used to call "tuning." In reality, they both serve the same purpose: to make your vehicle stand out from the sea of virtually similar cars.
It though it mostly refers to actual performance upgrades operated on the engine and other mechanical parts the word "tuning" has gained a somewhat nefarious connotation due to its association with oversized spoilers, side skirts that prevent the car from going over a nickel and the kind of people who would enjoy all that.

Surely, if you're the type of person who buys a Range Rover, you wouldn't want to be associated with that imagery. Which is why the concept of "customization" has recently started to gain ground. These outfits don't just mess around with the aspect of your vehicle, they give it more character.

The name of Clive Sutton might not ring any bells, but it sure sounds like it could be a posh store on Savile Row. It's not, but it kind of is the equivalent of that for the automotive world. So if you want to make a bespoke suit for your luxury vehicle, you're in the right place.

To showcase its skill, Sutton has created this Range Rover Sport that will be on display at the London Motor Show that opens its gates today in Battersea Park, London. The relationship between Sutton and Range Rover goes back 30 years, meaning the company is no stranger to customization projects for the first-gen model.

The red one on display at the London Motor Show, however, exhibits a tailor-made program for the latest Range Rover models that includes styling packages for both the exterior and the interior, as well as performance enhancements by means of engine and exhaust modifications.

Style-wise, the packages include changes to the bumpers, mirrors or exterior trimming, but a full aero bodykit is also available, for those who want to skip subtlety and go for the full bang. Prices haven't been announced yet but should become available shortly.
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