Range Rover Convertible Spotted at the Dubai Mall

Dubai is loaded with Mercedes G-Class units. Most of them are AMGs, but there are also convertibles. Well, it appears that the Range Rover in the adjacent image has had enough of this Gelandewagen open-air stuff and has decided to strip.
Range Rover Convertible 1 photo
The Range Rover Convertible was recently spotted right in front of the Dubai Mall. It was, of course, parked next to a G-Class, albeit a G63 AMG, not a convertible. Since this is Dubai, we are talking about a Range Rover Supercharged, so the unusual creature also has plenty of muscle.

Alas, the aftermarket conversion doesn’t look all that sharp. This is the work of Newport Convertible Engineering. The roof of the SUV was removed from the edges of the dors onwards (the door frames are still in place). The C and D pillars are gone and so is the glass area around the boot. They’ve added a stiffening brace between the B pillars to bring back some of the lost rigidity.

The roof is power operated, comes with a minuscule rear window, using a rivet-fixed seal at the rear.

These things are sold in select Land Rover Dealerships around the world and, as it turns out, the market is asking for them. Still, the Range Rover Convertible doesn’t seem to draw too much attention in the plush parking. Perhaps it is surrounded by too many exotics...

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