Random People Have No Clue What Hybrids Are

Although the hybrid powertrains are on trend right now, there are lots of people out there that are not quite sure how they work.
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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Seeing these short videos released by Toyota recently asking people what they think about hybrid technology, and three out of five didn’t get it right.

While some said that a hybrid uses a combination of gasoline and LPG as fuel (that is more like a dual mode vehicle and seems stupid to consider it a hybrid), other said that it is an electric vehicle that is not environmentally friendly (?).

However, there were some persons knowing what a true hybrid is - a vehicle that uses tow or more DISTINCT power sources. Using gasoline and LPG or other fossil fuel alternatively in a car is NOT a hybrid. It’s still the same source, you still BURN fuel to drive. The true hybrid is a vehicle using a gasoline and an ELECTRIC MOTOR (or two), as well as different mechanisms to capture a part of the used energy (such as regenerative braking systems that captures the energy of a car under braking to recharge the battery pack). So we hope this will make it clear for anyone else having the same trouble differentiating hybrids from dual mode vehicles.

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