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Ram Jet 502-Powered 1956 GMC Pickup Is Not Impressive Enough to Sell

One of the most exciting crate engines sold by Chevrolet is the Ram Jet 502. Capable of generating immense amounts of power, it finds its way inside countless custom projects, at times with impressive results. We’re not sure that’s the case here.
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1956 GMC Pickup1956 GMC Pickup1956 GMC Pickup1956 GMC Pickup1956 GMC Pickup1956 GMC Pickup1956 GMC Pickup1956 GMC Pickup1956 GMC Pickup
What you’re looking at was once a green 1956 GMC pickup. Like most machines of its time, it presented owners with aging looks and malfunctioning hardware, so someone decided a major overhaul backed by significant upgrades would be in order.

Built on a boxed frame and sporting impressive hardware like Dana axles, ARB Air Locker, and King off-road racing coilovers, the truck sits much higher than it used to, making the connection with the ground by means of 35-inch tires wrapped around alloy wheels.

The biggest change is, however, a less visible one. The pickup's original engine was taken out, and in its place, a new crate powerplant was lowered. We’re talking about a Ram Jet 502-ci (8.2-liter) unit with a V8 layout, mated to an automatic transmission. We are not given any info on what are the technical specifications of the engine in this configuration.

The build might be mechanically impressive, but it certainly isn’t without issues. The truck was facing rust a while back, and even if that was sorted out eventually, corrosion remains in key places, such as above both doors and under the bed.

The truck was for sale last week on Bring a Trailer. We don’t know how much the reserve for it was, but at the end of the process (15 bids were placed), the highest sum someone was willing to pay was $22,000 - apparently that wasn’t enough for it to go.

As it usually happens in these cases, the truck will probably pop up online again soon, so this is not an entirely missed opportunity.

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