Ram 1500 TRX Is So Gold You'll Probably Find It at the End of the Rainbow

Unless we’re talking about exotics, few cars look good in lively hues, and the Ram 1500 TRX should definitely stay away from them. Or should it?
Ram 1500 TRX - Rendering 7 photos
Ram 1500 TRX - RenderingRam 1500 TRX - RenderingRam 1500 TRX - RenderingRam 1500 TRX - RenderingRam 1500 TRX - RenderingRam 1500 TRX - Rendering
Honestly, we thought that the menacing pickup truck from the Stellantis-owned brand would never rock a lively shade like a champ, until we saw this one. It has a gold look that makes it stand out from a mile away regardless whether it is sunny or not, which was replicated on the wheels too.

Made by Amani, and featuring a turbine-like design, they are on the oversized side. Fortunately, they did fit under the arches without any chopping, and they partially have the thin rubber to thank for that. Thus, the 1500 TRX in question retains the black plastic cladding on the arches, as well as on the side skirts that feature new steps for improved ingress and egress, and on front and rear bumpers.

The ‘TRX’ decals still decorate the rear quarter panels, and the tailgate, next to the ‘Ram’ logo sitting in the middle of it. The taillights have been blacked out for a sportier look, and up front, it has headlamps with red daytime running light signature. Rounding off the makeover of this very special Ram 1500 TRX are the privacy windows all around, and the tonneau cover for the bed.

Now, as much as some would want it to be real, it is not. You are looking at digital illustrations of the workhorse, shared on social media last week by 412donklife. The digital artist let their imagination run wild while coming up with this in-your-face design, which sounds brasher on paper than it actually looks. That said, would you approve of this wild styling, or do you think that the Ram 1500 TRX does not deserve such a crazy makeover? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section down below.


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