Rafael Nadal Wins 2015 Mercedes Cup and Gets AMG GT, but Dislikes the Color

It’s been five years since the Spaniard won a competition on grass, at Wimbledon, but this victory couldn’t come better considering Nadal lost to Djokovic in the quarter-finals of the French Open. They say you win some lose some, but the unexpected defeat in Paris was quite significant since it ended his winning streak of 39 consecutive victories. You’d say the success of the Mercedes Cup and a brand new AMG GT sportscar should make for a good come back.
Rafael Nadal Wins 2015 Mercedes Cup and Gets AMG GT 1 photo
And nobody said that wasn’t the case, but when reporters were asking for a first feedback right next to the tennis ground, the response was rather awkward. It’s not a Kia, but it’s still good,” Nadal said after a brief inspection inside the yellow sportscar, according to CNN. It’s not unexpected, considering the South Koreans have been sponsoring the tennis Ace for about ten years.

With the journalists insisting, he admitted he’ll drive the Grand Tourer, but he’ll most likely need the cameras to be off when he does that. Then, there’s the color that apparently does not come to his likes, as he said he would probably have it changed.

Now, we’re not tennis enthusiasts, but we know two things for certain. Firstly, when you receive the prize of a sports competition that is organized by a luxury automaker, it’s only natural they give away one of their best to the champ. Secondly, refusing it is highly impolite, but it doesn’t mean you can ignore your own car sponsor if you have one.

If we were to do so, we’d place our bet on Nadal donating the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT for charity. After all, it’s well known the tennis star is quite fond of such endeavors.


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