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Radyca’s Cybertender Is the Ultimate Explorer Tender, Can Crawl Up Beaches
The Tesla Cybertruck, one of the most polarizing vehicles to be introduced in 2019, has more than solidified its presence in the automotive industry (and beyond), despite the fact that it is yet to start deliveries. Just look at the many concepts it has inspired to understand that.

Radyca’s Cybertender Is the Ultimate Explorer Tender, Can Crawl Up Beaches

Radyca concept for "ultimate explorer tender" is based on the Cybertruck: the CybertenderRadyca concept for "ultimate explorer tender" is based on the Cybertruck: the CybertenderRadyca concept for "ultimate explorer tender" is based on the Cybertruck: the Cybertender
As of the moment of press, Cybertruck direct influences and more vague styling cues are noticeable in concepts for anything from luxury RVs, campers, (mega-)mansions, and more compact bunkers, garages, to trucks, aircraft, and boats. Actual Cybertruck-inspired merchandise has also been made commercially available, if you’re into this type of thing: apparel, shoes, phones, and watches are the most common items.

All this to say that the Cybertruck, as much as it was deemed an ugly creation that would never make sense in our everyday reality upon its November 2019 official introduction, is insanely popular. To boot, demand for the actual all-electric pickup truck has surpassed even the most optimistic scenarios.

An appreciation of how the Cybertruck would translate into naval design comes via the latest concept from the Miami-based, Ramon Alonso-led Radyca. That's the design house behind the 55-meter (180.5-feet) Heesen-built Laurentia. It’s called the Cybertender, and it’s a proposition for the “ultimate explorer tender,” as part of a virtual design challenge initiated by Boat International.

Granted, the name isn’t the most original, but the Cybertender makes up for that by being as tough as nails. It comes to address the need of a fictional owner looking for the perfect tender companion for his 150-meter (492-foot) explorer. As such, it needs to be able to access the most remote locations, have considerable autonomy, and plenty of redundancy.

Another request by this fictional owner was that the tender didn’t measure more than 20 meters (65.6 feet) so that it would fit on the foredeck of the mothership. It had to be “rugged, gadget-packed, and even maybe amphibious” and include “all the features you think they would need in remote locations and a fair amount of autonomy and redundancy if things go wrong.”

To check all these boxes, Radyca imagined a partnership with Tesla “to create a fully electric amphibious vessel equipped with electric amphibious toys ready to conquer any terrain.” It’s an all-electric tender that lives up to the badass, unbeatable image of the Cybertruck. With a low-slung carbon frame, it has retractable tracks that allow it to crawl beaches and ice-covered land. While that's not a novel idea, it is definitely a very welcome addition to this tender that’s supposed to, as the saying has it, go where no man has gone before.

Space onboard is very generous: there’s a loading area at the front that can house at least three PWCs or just as many dirtbikes, along with additional storage for lighter stuff, like mountain bikes or canoes, on top of the glass cabin. At the rear, there’s seating for eight and two tables, where a quick snack and refreshments can be had.

The cabin is actually a comfortable lounge for those days when the weather would not allow sitting outside. It’s fitted with a toilet and a bar because what’s an outing to places most people would only see in their dreams if you can’t toast to it? In total, the Cybertender can carry a group of 18 guests and five crew.

Much like the cabin, the entire transom of the Cybertender is see-through, allowing for unobstructed views.

Save to note that the Cybertender would be all-electric and as rugged and tough as the e-pickup it takes inspiration from, Radyca did not reveal more possible specs for this concept. For the time being, the Cybertender is an exercise of the imagination, but it’s probably one many millionaires slash explorer owners would like to see come to life.


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