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RadMini Electric Bike, the Powerful e-Bike You Can Literally Take Home

Let’s face it: no matter how smart your bike is, or how tough the anti-theft device you use to protect it, it’s never really safe from grabby hands. If we’re talking about an electric bike, an owner’s potential loss is even bigger since, well, most e-bikes don’t come cheap.
RadMini foldable electric bike 3 photos
RadMini foldable electric bicycleRadMini foldable electric bicycle
Those from Rad Power Bikes are definitely not. The Seattle-based maker has been on the market for some time now, carving a reputation for delivering sturdy, powerful fat tire bikes to riders who like to combine all-terrain riding with their daily commute. Or who simply like an e-bike that is easy to ride, reliable and comfortable.

Prices for these bikes start somewhere at €1,100 (approximately $1,200) and can go as high as €1,700 ($1,800), depending on model and customizations. No one wants to tie that kind of money to a lamp post and find it gone in the morning.

European riders will soon be able to literally take the bike home with them, as Rad Power Bikes is bringing the RadMini to this market as well.

The RadMini is a foldable electric bike with a design similar to that of the flagship model, that offers the guarantee of never having it stolen. Because you can simply take it up to your apartment or inside whatever location you’re at. You can also fold it and fit it into the trunk of your car, making transport to remote destinations for biking adventures more convenient.

Fitted with 20” x 3.3” Kenda K-Rad multi-terrain tires, RadMini has narrower handlebars but a robust frame design comparable to that of the flagship model, but shorter and smaller. It comes with a 250W geared hub motor and updated halo headlights for increased visibility, and a range of 40-88+ kilometers (25-50+ miles) on a single charge. Top speed must be comparable to that of the RadRhino we spoke about last November, 25 kph (15mph).

The RadMini will retail in the EU for €1,599 (approximately $1,770).


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