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Racing Games Galore: EA and Codemasters Promise New Releases Every Year

EA’s acquisition of Codemasters has taken many by surprise, but the two companies look ready to provide gamers across the world with plenty of titles to enjoy.
Existing titles will continue to spearhead EA's racing games lineup 1 photo
And this is supposed to happen not only after the takeover is completed but every single year.

At least, that’s EA’s promise, as the company says Codemasters would allow it to release new racing games annually, all in an attempt to grow the current title portfolio and add new experiences people are going to love.

The Codemasters acquisition will accelerate the company’s growth, EA says, and it will bring “talented game teams, technology and IP” that will allow for the release of “new racing experiences annually.

That’s big news not only for EA and Codemasters but also for gamers across the world, especially as the two can combine their existing assets for new racing franchises. Right now, the most popular titles released under EA’s umbrella are Need for Speed, Real Racing, and Burnout, while Codemasters brought us Formula 1, Project Cars, and Dirt.

EA says these titles will continue to spearhead the racing games push, especially because working together with Codemasters would allow for “regular launches.

When I think about taking that collection of talent and pointing them at Need for Speed, pointing them at FORMULA ONE, pointing them at GRID, pointing them at DiRT and thinking about how all of that might happen with regular launches of those titles with really strong live services wrapped around them, which we don't yet see in the Codemasters games, all powered by the leverage of the marketing organization that we have behind us, I think the opportunity is really, really strong,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said (emphasis is ours) said as part of the latest earnings report.

And so you should imagine that as we think about this, Need for Speed, which is already one of the leading racing franchises that we launch every other year, we think there might be opportunities around growth of releases and certainly growth of that title. We think that F1 plus live service plus our marketing muscle is a profound opportunity. And we think that GRID and DiRT also represent great new additions to our portfolio.

EA will pay no less than $1.2 billion to take over Codemasters, and the deal is expected to go through this year.


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