Raceline 26’ Concept Will Be The Grand Tourer of The Seas, If Ever Built

Italian designer Pietro Russomanno’s latest Raceline 26’ boat is a 26-foot (8 meters) powerboat concept that blows your mind. The design resembles a car type configuration with four independent seats in a race boat layout. It’s what you’d call a 2+2 arrangement grand tourer of the seas, one that we’d place a deposit for, the second it hits the market. If it ever does.
Raceline 26 7 photos
Raceline 26’ ConceptRaceline 26’ ConceptRaceline 26’ ConceptRaceline 26’ ConceptRaceline 26’ ConceptRaceline 26’ Concept
These Italians just won’t stop amazing us with all these exotic fine designs, great colors and superb features, won’t they? Raceline 26’ is just a great mix between classic materials and aggressive lines that together reveal a race soul of the boat. Just looking at it makes you nostalgic and causes your racing passion to shout. With wooden surface and exclusive lines, it is meant to pack four independent seats in a race boat layout.

According to its creator, it will reach a estimated maximum speed of 70 mph (112 km/h), having a 2 tons displacement. “Details of prestige and a graceful treatment of surfaces, combined with cutting edge performances, make Raceline an authentic Granturismo of the seas,” Russomanno describes his creation.

All these concepts look good and some are even kinky in the brain, but will they ever become real and hit the market? For some reason we prefer the ones that actual offer real features, complete overviews and most of all release dates. For instance, take the Turkish made Alen 68 that even packs its own 3.2-meter jet tender on board, or Ferretti’s 88 Miami that will change it’s shape with the push of a button. These are actual boats that even have a price tag. Oh, well...


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