Race the Tesla Semi on a Track by Advocating the Tesla Newsletter

We have no idea whether Tesla owners are actively seeking to convince others to buy the same cars they drive due to the incentives they get in the referral program, but people sure do use it.
Tesla Semi interior 1 photo
That's largely because it's made so that both parties (or all three, if you include Tesla as well) benefit from it: the current owner gets closer to unlocking various prizes, while the new buyer gets a $1,000 deduction plus free lifetime Supercharger access (if we're talking about a Model S or X).

The list of prizes available to those who spread the word of Elon around has varied, ranging from Tesla-branded merchandise to VIP trips to the factory, invitations to various events and, more recently, even substantial discounts for the upcoming second-gen Roadster. In fact, some people have already gathered enough referrals that they can technically get one for free.

Yesterday, the Tesla referral program received an update, and among other things, one particular reward stood out. The promotion runs for a limited amount of time starting today, February 1, and ending on April 30, 2018. Of course, it goes without saying that only current Tesla owners can take part.

The weekly prize is the chance to race in the Tesla Semi around the company's test track, with the laps timed and the best ones displayed on specifically created leaderboards in the Tesla app. It's not clear whether the quickest drivers will also get something out of this apart from pride and the envy of others, but we're sure these two - together with the chance of hooning a vehicle meant for shipping goods - would be enough for most.

Considering the performance of the electric Semi, the prize is nowhere near as ridiculous as it may sound to someone who hears about Tesla's battery-powered truck for the first time. Just in case you forgot, the Semi is capable of hitting 60 mph in just five seconds and, as Musk mentioned during the presentation, it doesn't just accelerate, but also feels like a race car. Take away Musk's tendency to hyperbolize, and you're still looking at an oddly maneuverable semi truck.

To win, all you need to do (apart from getting a Tesla if you don't already own one) is to convince the largest number of people to sign up for Tesla's newsletter. That's surely a lot easier than selling them a $100k car, right? Well, if it's easier for you, it's also easier for everyone else involved.


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