R3 Study Is an Adrenaline-Filled Modular Mobility Solution for the Year 2035

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Photo: denni5
Mobility-R3 Modular VehicleMobility-R3 Modular VehicleMobility-R3 Modular VehicleMobility-R3 Modular VehicleMobility-R3 Modular VehicleMobility-R3 Modular VehicleMobility-R3 Modular VehicleMobility-R3 Modular Vehicle
Urban mobility is really starting to take off these days. But where is it headed? One designer from Shanghai, China, is about to show you one way things could evolve.
Technology seems to be responsible behind the massive trend happening in urban mobility. But how can you ever figure out where things are going? Well, usually there’s a dreamer behind it all.

The rendering you see has been dubbed the Mobility – R3, and the dreamer behind it all is known only as denni5. This concept designer from China Academy of Art, is showcasing his or her idea of urban mobility for the year 2035. Now, pay close attention as there is so much this vehicle can do, in theory at least.

The R3 is the sort of vehicle that has been designed to meet more than one need. Aside from presenting functions meant to help you get across town safely and quickly, it’s also meant to serve as a last mile solution.

Three separate modes are to be at your disposal if you ever happen to make it to the year 2035. The first function the R3 can exhibit is that of Regular mode. This is the least adrenaline-filled way of being transported around town. To do that, the vehicle will keep you seated in a slightly upright position like the Bicar.

Mobility\-R3 Modular Vehicle
Photo: denni5
What I like about this idea is that it’s that the designer did not exclude the steering wheel or console. This means that it’s not meant to be autonomous. Sure, it’s probably going to be electric, but the joy of maneuvering will still be in your hands.

Part two of the design is known as Roller Coaster mode. Now, one of the things that makes the R3 special is this mode precisely. If you activate this mode, the vehicle will unfold and position the driver in a more classic seated position. However, you’ll be steering the R3 from a very F1-like stance. Why? Simple, speed and adrenaline.

Since this position is one that most people have absolutely no knowledge of how to manage, electronic aid is at your disposal. A smart steering system offers aid with maneuverability, and a projection display is also available to see the world around a little bit better, not that this would be a problem as most of the R3 is glass. Since it’s the future, it’s probably “smart” glass. Nonetheless, this is the mode that is meant to offer the most speed and adrenaline by simulating a roller coaster, hence the name

The final function of this futuristic design is that of being a last mile solution. To make this as easy to understand as possible, once you’ve arrived at your destination, the cockpit opens and allows you to exit the vehicle.

Mobility\-R3 Modular Vehicle
Photo: denni5
If, however, you select Roaming mode, the front two wheels of the R3 break away from the remainder of the chassis and you’ll be cruising around on what seems to be a very futuristic and handlebar-less Segway, or rather, an over-sized hoverboard.

Due to its size, this segment of the R3 is perfect for getting around campus, tight streets, and even a cruise around your local park. As you roam around town, the remaining R3 can be left in a server station where it can perform functions such as advertising, via that smart glass I mentioned, offer Wi-Fi, and recharge. Once you’re done with whatever you were doing in town, go back to the rest of your EV and head home.

One other feature that sets this design apart from what you may have seen thus far is the wheel system. If I've understood everything properly, the wheels are supposed to somehow convert “generated” energy into electrical energy.

Sure, it may be a farfetched design, but modular vehicle design is becoming more and more common, so it won’t be long until something like this really happens, just maybe not by 2035, but then again, who knows.
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