Quite Frankly, Rolls-Royce Should Ban These Ugly Cars From Existence

Rolls-Royce Wraith tuned on custom Forgiato wheels 6 photos
Photo: Forgiato / Instagram
Rolls-Royce Wraith tuned on custom Forgiato wheelsRolls-Royce Wraith tuned on custom Forgiato wheelsRolls-Royce Wraith tuned on custom Forgiato wheelsRolls-Royce Dawn tuned on custom AL13 wheelsRolls-Royce Ghost tuned on custom AG Luxury wheels
The aftermarket world is always full of wonders, but one also needs to beware of potential horrors. And it seems that we’re getting expensive thrills these days.
Tuning companies, as well as aftermarket customization and personalization outlets have a way of expressing themselves that can bring folks to the brink of ecstasy… or spiral down into a nightmare. And the pricier the ride, the bigger chances are for something to fail. No worries, there is no need to take my word for granted, as I have a pile of eloquent examples.

Interestingly, they are all of the same Rolls-Royce-born variety. And, quite frankly, I think the ultra-luxury British carmaker should just ban these ‘fugly’ cars from existence, exactly like Bugatti anecdotally did with Tom Cruise’s right to ever own another of their prized car possessions after a renowned Chiron incident.

Anyway, back to Rolls-Royce, I have compiled an entire list of proposals to submit to the head honchos over at the corner offices. And while there are slim chances that someone over there will heed my disinterested advice, hopefully at least regular folks will start avoiding them.

First, up on the roster is a British Racing Green-style Rolls-Royce Wraith highlighted by the Los Angeles, California-based forged wheel experts over at Forgiato Designs. This two-door pillar-less coupe still has the iconic suicide doors but also sports a few other accessories, courtesy of DSB (aka DESIGNBYTWM), a Houston, Texas-based “one-stop solution for complete automotive customization,” which also gave it a rather distasteful body kit.

The contrasting black Forgis are not that bad, on the other hand. Next up comes “the Don of Dawns,” or rather the epitome of ‘foul-mouthed’ convertible luxury grand tourers, if you ask me. I based my opinion solely on the frowned appearance of this Rolls-Royce transformation, which otherwise is quite subtle as it matches a white Dawn upgraded with 24-inch three-piece AL13 Wheels D008 aftermarket units, finished in a gloss polished triple dark tint and with gloss black outers.

Thirdly, there are also the custom-forged wheel experts over at Santa Fe Springs, California-based AG Luxury, who have uncovered yet another potentially outrageous ride somewhere in Japan, courtesy of the Bond Osaka venue. This time we are dealing with a fully-fledged limousine, the Rolls-Royce Ghost – and it is also probably of the Black Badge variety.

So, the ritzy saloon mixes the V12 capable of churning out no less than 592 hp with a red coachline to signal that something crimson is going on inside, as well as a disrespectful tuning kit. Luckily, it does ride on big, polished-clear AG Luxury Wheels AGL45 monoblock forged pieces, so maybe it’s enough for redemption. And if you also want a couple of ugly Cullinans, then RBD LA is the venue that always has you covered…

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