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Queen Elizabeth Goes for a Ride in Her Range Rover on Her 96th Birthday

Her Majesty the Queen is celebrating her 96th birthday today, April 21. And, for the occasion, the British monarch went out for a ride in one of her cars, a Land Rover Range Rover.
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Some people love making a big deal out of their birthdays. But this year, as she turns 96 years old, Queen Elizabeth didn’t want a big party and went for a quiet celebration instead, receiving visits from friends and family.

The British monarch went out for a ride around Sandringham House, her home in England. She wore sunglasses and her trademark headscarf, and it’s believed she might have been joined by her Corgis in the back of the vehicle.

In the past, the Queen used to drive the Range Rover herself, but reports indicate she has been suffering from mobility issues. This time, she simply relaxed in the passenger’s seat of the luxurious automobile, as you can see attached below.

The Queen has had this SUV for quite a long time. It's a third-generation Range Rover, introduced in 2001, with a production run of over ten years. The monarch’s vehicle comes with a Labrador mascot on the hood. And it’s not fitted the way carmakers usually fit their logos, but right in the middle of it.

If there’s one thing Her Majesty loves more than cars (and the Land Rover brand in particular), it is dogs. As mentioned earlier, she usually goes for a ride around the castle, joined by her dogs. Two of her favorite breeds are Corgis and Labradors, and this SUV’s hood ornament is the proof.

Such hood ornaments are not exactly legal in the UK, as they might obstruct the driver's view and be dangerous in case of a collision with a pedestrian. But they're not illegal either. Given that the Head of State is immune to the law governing the roads though, she can pretty much do what she pleases. This means she is the only person in the UK who could drive without a driver’s license, travel in a car without a seatbelt, and ignore the speed limits. However, Queen Elizabeth does own a driver’s license and has vast driving experience since she served as a mechanic and driver during World War II.

Editor's note: Gallery includes pictures of other vehicles in Queen Elizabeth's collection with a hood ornament


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