QuantumScape Signs Third Partnership Agreement With Global Luxury Auto Company

Volkswagen is not alone as a QuantumScape partner. In fact, that has not been the case since September 2021, but we confess we missed that one. The solid-state battery’s new partnership is with “an established global luxury automotive original equipment manufacturer (the “OEM”).”
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The one we have missed was announced on September 17, 2021, through a Form 8-K filing with the U.S. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). According to that document, QuantumScape had reached a deal with “a second top ten (by global revenues)” automaker that has committed to purchasing 10 MWh of capacity from QS-0, QuantumScape’s pre-pilot production line facility. Those solid-state cells would be used in prototypes. Supposing they may have 100 kWh battery packs, the 10 MWh would represent 100 prototypes.

The “global luxury OEM” did not have many aspects disclosed by QuantumScape’s new SEC filing. The solid-state battery startup only said that this carmaker “will reserve capacity of battery cells from its QS-0 pre-pilot production line facility.” Depending on how testing goes, it may eventually purchase these solid-state cells.

Despite the lack of information, we may play with what we have to try to guess which companies now have a deal with QuantumScape apart from Volkswagen. The startup stressed that the second automaker that partnered with it is among the ten largest ones by revenue, which means they are not among those with higher production numbers.

According to Statista, the ten leading carmakers in 2020 regarding how much they earned are Volkswagen, Toyota, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, BMW, SAIC, Stellantis, and Hyundai. We can rule out Toyota, which is pursuing its own tech. According to Focus2Move, Ford is beaten in production number only by Toyota, VW, and Hyundai, but this ranking only takes brands into consideration, not the groups to which they belong. Anyway, Ford has a deal with Solid Power and is possibly not interested in QuantumScape.

Toyota produced 9.5 million vehicles and is followed by Volkswagen (8.9 million), General Motors (6.8 million), Hyundai Group (6.4 million), Stellantis (6.2 million), Honda (4.4 million), Ford (4.2 million), Nissan (3.6 million), Renault (2.94 million), and Daimler (2.5 million). The only companies in the revenue ranking that are not among the ten biggest ones in production numbers are BMW and SAIC. Considering BMW and Mercedes-Benz are considered luxury car brands and that BMW also has a partnership with Solid Power, that leaves SAIC as the most likely possibility. Volkswagen's ties with the Chinese brand make it even more likely.

Regarding the global luxury brand that is QuantumScape’s third partner, it could include a wide range of companies, but we can eliminate some of them. Mercedes-Benz announced in November an investment in Factorial Energy, so it probably is not after QuantumScape. Most other luxury brands belong to Volkswagen, Stellantis, or Toyota. Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover are the only ones that fit as global luxury OEMs with no investments in battery companies that we are aware of. We'd bet on one of these car companies as QuantumScape's third partner.

We’ll only know for sure which automakers QuantumScape is talking about when they decide to reveal that, as did Volkswagen. As long as solid-state batteries are available as soon as possible, it does not matter which badge these electric cars present. On the other hand, the fact that QuantumScape already has three carmakers willing to buy its batteries is something the startup can celebrate – and competitors may fear.

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Editor's note: The images in the gallery only present QuantumScape prototypes and technical concepts.

 Download: QuantumScape's Form 8-K SEC Filing (PDF)

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