QuantumScape Creates the QS Campus in San Jose to Produce Solid-State Cells

SES may have said it does not believe in solid-state batteries, but QuantumScape did not seem even a bit concerned about that. So much so that the solid-state cell startup has leased three more buildings apart from the one it already has in San Jose, California. They will help QuantumScape develop the manufacturing skills it needs to put its solid-state cells into production.
QuantumScape Promises to Improve LFP Cells 6 photos
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QuantumScape Promises to Improve LFP CellsQuantumScape Promises to Improve LFP CellsQuantumScape Promises to Improve LFP CellsQuantumScape Promises to Improve LFP CellsQuantumScape Promises to Improve LFP Cells
According to Jagdeep Singh, co-founder, and CEO of QuantumScape, the company believes the development of its solid-state lithium metal platform has to happen simultaneously with acquiring the manufacturing expertise that will be necessary to produce these cells.

The company calls its technology a platform because it intends to apply it to different chemistries. QuantumScape already said it has great plans for LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cells, for example. Any chemistry that can have a lithium metal anode is a candidate for it.

QS-0 is currently in charge of producing the engineering samples that Volkswagen and other QuantumScape partners are evaluating. The carmaker already said that it wants QS-1 to be in Germany, more specifically in Salzgitter. QS-1 will be the first facility to make production-version cells, something expected to happen by 2024.

That does not mean that it will be the only location where QuantumScape will produce its solid-state cells, hence the QS Campus. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley is not a random choice. The startup expects to attract talented people to help in the development of the platform and its mass manufacturing when the time comes.

QuantumScape plans to begin hiring these new talents in January 2022, when it will take possession of the new buildings and start to outfit them with the machinery necessary for the manufacturing development. The solid-state lithium-metal tech startup is pretty confident about delivering on its promises of lighter, cheaper, safer, and more energy-dense cells. Volkswagen counts badly on that as well.
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