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Qoros Shows Off Upcoming Sedan With Design Study Sketches

Entering an extremely competitive market like Europe is a really tricky feat to pull off, even by the established automakers, who are not currently present on the Old Continent, and the task is made even more difficult if nobody has heard of a particular brand, because it is completely new.
Qoros Sedan 5 photos
Qoros SedanQoros SedanQoros SedanQoros Sedan
Such is the case with Qoros, a newly-founded Chinese company which plans to enter the European market with three models, to begin with: a sedan, an SUV and an MPV. The first to arrive will be the sedan, and the company has now shown it off from multiple angles, courtesy of a set of design study sketches, which don`t really show the proportions of the upcoming sedan, yet they do reveal many of its design and styling cues.

They are aiming for a ‘Germanic’ look and feel to their car, and with the simple and restrained styling, we say they’ve nailed it. However, keep in mind that the finished product will be quite different to this design study, so look take these pictures with a grain of salt.

Inside, they will undoubtedly be aiming for ‘high perceived quality’, which is another typically-Germanic thing to do. It will get an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, while the rest of the interior design looks to be very minimalist, in the same Wolfsburg-inspired style.

The model will first go on sale in China, in 2013, and Qoros are planning to bring the sedan to Europe, in early 2014.


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