Puritalia 427: Cobra-Inspired Roadster Renderings and Specs Released

The idea of a modern day Shelby Cobra tickles all our senses and this time we have five reasons to be happy, as Puritalia has released a set of renderings for its 427, whic promises to be exaclty what we’ve written above.
Puritalia 427 6 photos
Puritalia 427Puritalia 427Puritalia 427Puritalia 427Puritalia 427
The company has also published the specs of the car, so we can tell you it all starts with an aluminum space frame chassis that uses chromoly steel subframes for extra stiffens, with this being covered in a carbon fiber body. The result is an overall weight of just 2,403 lbs (1090 kg), with a perfect distribution of 50:50.

You can choose between two engines: the entry level one is a naturally-aspirated 5.0-liter V8 with 445 hp, while the second one is a supercharged incarnation of the unit, which produces 605 hp/ Further down the power line, we find a six-speed manual, al aluminum driveshaft and a limited slip differential.

The connection to the road is established via an all-round independent suspension, with adjustable dampers and sway bars, while stopping power comes for Brembo, with six-piston calipers and 15-inch rotors up front ant four-piston grabbers with 13.5-inch rotors at the rear.


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