Prosecco Bottle Explosion Leaves Woman With $3,000 Car Cleaning Bill

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Bottles of champagne on iceAftermath of a prosecco bottle explosionAftermath of a prosecco bottle explosionAftermath of a prosecco bottle explosionAftermath of a prosecco bottle explosion
As temperatures soar, so does the number of incidents involving pressurized containers in cars. In today's example, a woman was handed a $3,000 cleaning fee estimate after a bottle of prosecco exploded in her car. Her TikTok post with the aftermath went viral.
This last weekend brought the highest temperatures reached in the UK all year, which prompted many of the country's residents to buy drinks to serve chilled. However, Birmingham resident Jessica McCance left a bottle of prosecco in her car while the hatchback was parked outside.

Once she returned to her vehicle, a SEAT Leon, she discovered that the bottle of Italian bubbly became what she described as "the priciest bottle she never got to drink." Fitting caption if you ask us. The aftermath of the explosion consisted in the perfumed liquid drenching the front seats and sending shards of glass in various elements of the interior, headliner and seats included.

According to several experts, the pressure inside a bottle of prosecco is between 70 and 90 psi (4.8-6.2 bar). Thicker bottles can withstand higher pressures but reports in the field of drinks reveal that manufacturers are switching to lighter bottles in a bid to increase their sustainability. That means that these bottles will be more fragile than those of yesteryear, so be careful when handling them.

In an attempt to resolve the issue, Jessica McCance contacted a local car cleaning company for a quote. They sent back an estimated bill of GBP 2,258 ($3,000) including VAT, which left Jessica in shock. She then decided to do a public service to others and published a post with her experience, which got over 100,000 views on TikTok.

While we do not know if she will get her car cleaned professionally or just vacuum the interior and let the seats dry in hope that it all goes away, this should serve as a reminder to never leave pressurized containers in your car if you park it on a space that is not hidden from the sun.

If you plan to transport any fizzy drink in a glass container by car, we suggest using the trunk until you reach your destination. In that case, even if you leave your car unattended, nobody will break your window to steal said bottle, and your car's interior is more protected because the bottle is kept in the shade of your trunk, where temperatures should be lower than the rest of the car.


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