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Proof that Spyker's New Venator Spyder Looks Good

Now that they've left making Swedish cars to the Chinese, Spyker is free to make crazy Dutch cars like they used to back in the day.
Spyker's new sportscar 1 photo
This thing is the convertible version of the B6, a car which we didn't like very much as a coupe, but which has transformed into a lovely swan in this latest incarnation. The B6 Venator Spyder is actually just a concept right now, shown in front of a big crowd at The Quail gathering in Monterey.

But the thing about Spykers is that they never look good in press photos, only in real life and on video. That's because the company pays attention to the little details instead of focusing on the big picture, but this car is certainly no pig.

The chassis and suspension will be engineered by Lotus, but the V6 supercharged engine announced for the car remains a mystery. At a claimed 375 hp, it could come from the Evora.

However, don't think that just because this car doesn't have the prestigious badge that it will be cheap. But no, it will cost about $150,000, as much as a 911 Turbo.

Video by BrianZuk:
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