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Project Hercules Is a Luxury Submarine Concept That Combines Comfort with Speed
In the dynamic and stupendous world of watercraft, all kinds of contraptions pop up every day, many of which are so remarkable they blow our minds with their capabilities of unveiling the wonders of the underwater world to regular folks. One such contraption is Project Hercules, an all-new Triton submarine concept presented to the world at the Monaco Yacht Show at the end of September.

Project Hercules Is a Luxury Submarine Concept That Combines Comfort with Speed

Project Hercules submarine conceptProject Hercules submarine conceptProject Hercules submarine conceptProject Hercules submarine conceptProject Hercules submarine conceptProject Hercules submarine conceptProject Hercules submarine concept
Project Hercules is the second fruit of a collaboration between makers of civilian submarines Triton Submarines, submersible design and engineering studio Dark Ocean Design, and luxury superyacht designer Espen Øino. If you’re not a submersible craft or superyacht connoisseur, these names might not mean anything to you, but these companies are very respected in their respective fields.

Triton Submarines is known for creating a diverse array of unique submersibles, including the deepest diving craft in history and crafts that have been used in scientific and documentary filmmaking missions.

Featuring a patent-pending elliptical Advanced Versatile Acrylics (AVA) pressure hull design by Dark Ocean Design, Project Hercules is a one-of-a-kind craft that aims to “change the manner in which owners and their guests experience and engage with their underwater environment.”

The submarine can take up to seven people to depths of 200 meters (656 feet), and four large thrusters will help it travel at speeds of up to eight knots (9.2 mph/ 14.8 kph), which is twice faster than conventional private submersibles of today. These thrusters will also help create a sensation of swimming and gliding rather than operating in vertical planes like traditional deep-water submersibles.

The concept under development comes with a fully customizable interior, and its designers wanted to show how they envision the concept of “private diving.” The interior replicates the privacy and comfort passengers can enjoy in private aircraft. It boasts opulent leather lounge seating, and the pilot and passengers are separated into two compartments by internal bulkheads.

The pilot’s seat is movable and can slide forward during a dive or when cruising underwater, but it can also move behind to offer guests privacy to enjoy the experience.

Moreover, the lavish interior can be customized to suit various social activities, such as casino gaming, cocktail serving in a mini bar, fine dining, and even wedding ceremonies or spa sessions. And considering that anyone would certainly want to immortalize the experience of exploring the underwater world in such an amazing craft, Project Hercules features an inward-facing camera in the front spoiler.

“With Project Hercules, we set out to create an ‘Inner Space Craft’, one that delivered a calm and exclusive environment where owners and guests could enjoy intimate conversations, contemplative calmness, and memorable private experiences,” explains Espen Øino.

In the front, the submersible will feature a movable section that can advance or retract on command to handle the horizontal trim of the craft while also serving as a collision fender. This is where the selfie camera for guests is also incorporated.

The interior is not the only aspect that can be customized, as the exterior design of Project Hercules can also be redesigned to match the mothership.

According to Triton Submarines, the concept and engineering phases of Project Hercules are already complete, and the team is now focusing on completing testing over the following weeks in order to decide on the final specifications of the craft. Further details on the unique submersibles, as well as pricing, will be disclosed at the Fort Lauderdale International Yacht Show, set to take place between October 26 - 30.

Now just imagine what gliding behind a school of sharks or cutting through strong undercurrents would feel like in a lavish and comfortable cabin such as the one Project Hercules boasts!

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