Project GYR Decreased Motorcycle Fatalities

Thanks to its unexpectedly satisfying results, Project Green-Yellow-Red, also known as GYR, caught the attention of the public when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published the positive effect the campaign had on riders in Wisconsin. GYR is currently considered as vital in deceasing alcohol related motorcycle crashes in Wisconsin.

Innocorp, a company that produces the impairment simulation goggles called Fatal Vision and other innovative impaired driving prevention tools and programs, helped NHTSA to develop the aforementioned campaign.

"We will continue to partner with taverns and law enforcement to create a network of people and organizations who care about motorcyclists and have the power to provide them with options to prevent impaired riding,"
said Green-Yellow-Red Campaign Manager and Innocorp President Michael Aguilar in a statement for the press.

GYR helped reduce impaired riding crashes in two Wisconsin counties in 2006 and 2007. The program acknowledges drinking and riding, but doesn't support it. Which is quite understandable as a matter of fact ... Therefore, the campaign partnered with taverns, dealerships and law enforcement to provide options to riders who might mix drinking with riding.

"By forming an alliance of tavern owners, motorcycle dealerships, law enforcement and other motorcycle-related organizations, Project Green-Yellow-Red provides options for drinking motorcycle riders that, if taken, will stop the increasing toll of deaths and injuries due to alcohol,"
added Aguilar.

At taverns that support the GYR program, riders can secure their motorcycles and get a ride home if they've had too much to drink, which is the red option. The yellow option means a rider will consume alcohol but moderates consumption to minimize impairment, while the green option means the rider chooses to ride alcohol free, the choice that the campaign promotes as the only safe option.


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