Prices of Classic Cars Are Beginning to Drop after Years of Non-Stop Rising

For some years now, if you wanted to invest your money into something that was guaranteed to bring a generous profit without any effort, you could do much worse than buying a few classic cars.
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First of all, let's define what a "classic car" is. Your 50-year-old piece of junk that you belonged to your grandfather and spent the last decades abandoned in the yard isn't. So it's not just age that makes a car a "classic," but also... uhm... class. You're looking at iconic models such as the Mercedes-Benz SLs, the Jaguar E-Type, and just about any Lamborghini or Ferrari. If it was cheap when it was new, then it won't be worth that much now either.

However, classic cars used to be a lot more affordable ten to fifteen years ago. If you had one million of any self-respecting currency back then, you could have multiplied your money by ten (if not more) now. Sure, ten to fifteen years was a long time to wait to cash in - it may be slow money, but it's also easy money, so stop complaining.

During the height of the financial crisis, classic cars held their value very well - hell, prices even went up - which made them one of the very few safe "investment funds." If the latest trend at British Beaulieu Supercar Weekend as well as experts' opinion are to be taken as a reference, then those days appear to be over, warns The Daily Mail. The market seems to have hit a plateau, and now the only way for the value of the vehicles is down.

A market - any market - is alive, and it's dictated by the eternal connection between supply and demand. Right now, the supply seems to outweigh the demand as buyers are reluctant to invest in a period when prices have gone so high. Once things settle down a little, though, it could all pick up the pace once again. Still, don't imagine that it's all frozen, and nobody's buying anymore. No. It's just that having knowledge has now become just as important as having the money.
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