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President Obama Watches Indian Border Security Force Officers Stunt Riding – Video

Honestly, we are torn apart between multiple feelings after watching the video below. On one hand, we cannot help admiring the mind-blowing coordination of the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) officers who are performing these amazing routine. However, on the other hand, such display of stunt riding skills belongs to a bike rally and not to a military parade. And when the military parade is staged because the US President visits the country, things are even funnier.
Indian Border Security Force Officers Stunt Riding 1 photo
Leaving political correctness aside, it’s no use in denying that Barack and Michelle Obama are making big efforts to hide their desire to laugh in tears. Probably being able to avoid laughing your face off in certain situations is one of the things that make a good head of state.

On the other hand, it’s the sheer futility of all these stunt routines… again, in correlation with the military-themed environment. Aside from the fact that the poor Royal Enfield machines (or whatever bikes they are) have probably gained significant weight with all the reinforcement work and racks, what’s the point in having 10 people on a bike?

Are they going to storm a building uphill like this? Is the peacock some sort of strange fighting formation? How about riding off-road on bumpy terrain? And the question list could go on forever, of course. Now, we have seen a lot of such stunts from India and we know it must be some sort of local sport or so, but this only reminds us of Bollywood action movies… and then nothing can contain laughter any longer.


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