Precocious Two-Year Old Steals And Crashes His Father's Mercedes-Benz

What is arguably the oddest car accident we have heard about all year happened last week in Berlin, where Germany's and quite possibly the world's youngest car thief stole his father's Mercedes-Benz C-Class Wagon (T-Modell or Estate in certain countries) S203 and then subsequently crashed it into a pole.
Two-Year Old Mirancan, the Mercedes-Benz thief. 5 photos
Photo: Olaf Wagner/BZ Berlin
Mirancan and his father in front of the stolen Mercedes-BenzMirancan in the Mercedes-Benz he stole.
In short, two-year old Mirancan - a toddler who will most likely begin to develop into a true petrolhead in a few years - stole the keys to the family Mercedes-Benz while his father was sleeping, got into an elevator to take him downstairs, entered the parked vehicle using the remote control key fob , which he also used to easily start the car.

If you're wondering how a 95 centimeters (3 ft 1 in) tall toddler could ever take an elevator downstairs and then not only star a car but also drive it for a few yards, you should be aware that little Mirancan is not only a petrolhead but a rather smart one, too.

After stealing the keys from his father he also took a small chair with him in the elevator, just so he could reach the floor selecting buttons, while the car had apparently been left with the parking brake off and with the transmission in first gear.

The child's joy ride only lasted for a few seconds, as after Mirancan started the engine the Mercedes-Benz jolted forward, exited the parking lot and then hit a pole at a low enough speed as not to cause any injury to the prematurely developed car thief.

In other words, the only victim was the C-Class' license plate and the poor post that got bent, while nearby witnesses were probably spooked by the fact that such a small child was capable of such an unbelieavable feat.

Story via Motor Authority/ BZ Berlin
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