Prank: Students Take Driving Exam in Porsche 911 That They've Never Seen, Chaos Ensues

Prank: Students Take Driving Exam in Porsche 911 That They've Never Seen, Chaos Ensues 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Most of us petrolheads try to pick up driving skills even before we're of age, and some lucky kids have pilot licenses from a very early age. But for most people, a Porsche 911 is about the last thing they want to see on the day of their driving exam. It costs as much as a house and looks about as difficult to drive as an excavator.
Maybe that's why Porsche's French branch decided to prank a handful of students and gave them a 911 coupe. You can almost see the panic and the stress building up on their faces.

There are a few issues with the prank, such as the fact that no inexperienced driver would naturally use opposite lock (you'll see what we're talking about in the video). But for the most part, the setup looks real enough.

Of course, this being a 911, the only sports car in the world with the engine mounted at the back, they couldn't help themselves and used this as part of the prank. How? By asking these would-be French drivers to check the engine oil levels. Just watch their reactions when they open the hood and see nothing there.

To make the video more entertaining, the fake tester messes with them even further, as we think he intentionally put the car in sports mode to make it jerkier. It's just a 350 horsepower Carrera 4 with all-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox, so there's no reason it should behave like a bucking bronco.

In fact, we'd take this car as a daily driver over a crummy old Fiat Panda or Renault Twingo every day of the week. It has every comfort feature imaginable and after the mid-life facelift, it can also park by itself. But realism doesn't sell customer driving lessons worth thousands of euros each. Spinning on a wet road looks like fun, but we'd save the money for tires.

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