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POTUS Joe Biden’s Cadillac Beast Stops for Gas in Edinburgh

Joe Biden’s gas adventure in Edinburgh shows that you’re never too big to stop for gas, even when you’re the President of the United States, and you’re in the UK for a summit.
Joe Biden's Cadillac Beast at Gas Station in Edinburgh 7 photos
Joe Biden's Cadillac Beast at Gas Station in EdinburghJoe Biden's Cadillac Beast at Gas Station in EdinburghPresidential Cadillac Beast on Inauguration DayPresidential Cadillac Beast on Inauguration DayPresidential Cadillac Beast on Inauguration DayPresidential Cadillac Beast
World leaders gathered up in Glasgow, Scotland, for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which is also known as COP26.

Although Queen Elizabeth II excused herself for the occasion due to doctor’s orders, she was there in spirit, and with a pre-recorded speech on Monday night.

But President of the United States Joe Biden was physically present at the conference, and, before getting viral for almost falling asleep at the conference (video below), he was caught stopping for gas in Edinburgh, where he stays during the summit.

A local man named Gareth Mackie took it to Twitter to share “Things you don't expect to see on Calder Rd in Edinburgh - #POTUS stopping for petrol,” with two pictures of the presential car, a Cadillac Beast, and part of his convoy. The President was not visible in the car, though.

The man also joked about gas prices in the UK, and wrote: “Zoom in and you can just about see a White House aide's jaw dropping at UK petrol prices.” In the UK, petrol recently hit a new record high of 142.94 p ($1.959 at today’s exchange) a liter. When it comes to diesel, believed to be the Beast’s fuel, which reportedly runs on at "just" eight miles per gallon – also reached 147.94 p a liter ($2.027).

The limousine made its first public appearance in 2018 with former POTUS Donald Trump, and it’s fitting for a head of state, becoming Joe Biden’s high-security ride as he was sworn in early this year.

There’s little information on the specs that come under the hood of the Beast, but it’s a heavily armored limousine, just like its predecessor used by Barack Obama. It’s built on a heavy-duty GMC TopKick truck platform, and word is it weighs around 20,000 lbs (9,172 kg). So, whatever comes under the hood must be a hell of a power unit to get this massive vehicle up and running.

Joe Biden’s decision to stay in Edinburgh has been heavily criticized, considering he’s flying a helicopter every day to a conference about climate change. The irony.


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