Possible Ferrari F125 TDE One-Off Leaks Online and It Looks Outrageously Good

We’re literally hours away from Ferrari revealing the official name and additional technical information for its upcoming limited edition 812 Superfast model, yet the focus has suddenly shifted onto a new and genuinely bespoke creation.
Ferrari F125 TDF possible leak 7 photos
Ferrari F125 TDF possible leakFerrari F125 TDF possible leakFerrari F125 TDF possible leakFerrari F12 TDF production modelFerrari F12 TDF production modelFerrari F12 TDF production model
Rumors of an F12 TDF-based one-off car have been circulating for a while now, mostly whispers, like something out of Tolkien lore. Yet here we stand faced with a leaked image that could very well depict a car some believe will be called the F125 TDE (Tour de Espana).

Like the very existence of this vehicle, the name itself is also based on hearsay. But who doesn’t love a good rumor? True or false, they can often reveal many things about certain car brands or models. That being said, let’s dive into everything this leak tells us.

Assuming it’s the real deal, we see a car that looks nothing like an F12 TDF. Its exterior has been completely redesigned, although it clearly still features a front engine layout. The bodywork is extremely aggressive looking, like something you’ll only get to drive on the racetrack – although those Abu Dhabi plates do point to a road-legal status.

Another rumor involving the F125 TDE is that of its designers, which could be none other than Touring Superleggera. We wouldn’t hold our breath on this one to be true though.

As for other visual highlights, the image, courtesy of TheSupercarBlog, also depicts Nissan GT-R-like tapered side windows, a floating roof design, a fixed rear spoiler of massive proportions, a large diffuser and a twin center exhaust, drawn up as a continuation of the roofline.

Ultimately, this is easily one of the most spectacular Ferraris we’ve ever seen, and we can only hope that the picture is real. It almost wouldn’t matter what they end up calling it, as long as it looks this bonkers.


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