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Porsches in All Colors of the Rainbow Were on Display at Rare Shades 6

People who attended this year’s edition of Rare Shades, the annual gathering of Paint to Sample and custom-color Porsches, were truly mystified by the cars on display.
Rare Shades 6 16 photos
Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6Rare Shades 6
Rare Shades is a very peculiar car show as it doesn’t focus on showcasing the cars’ designs or capabilities but on bringing together Porsche vehicles that have been painted in special colors.

The sixth edition of the car show, organized by 000 Magazine and PTSRS, took place at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Canada, this past Saturday. It featured more than 30 Porsches in a very diverse array of paint jobs and hundreds of visitors, many of which came to the venue behind the wheel of their own rare Porsches.

As all of the cars at the Rare Shades show were Porsches, and most of them were 911s, one might believe it was a boring event. Find out that nothing can be further from the truth. People in attendance were dazzled by the rare or unusual color options, some of which they’d never seen before, like the Lido Gold livery on a 1967 Porsche 912 that resembled muted yellow in the shade but converted to a citrus hue in the sunlight.

There were also a Cassis Red 1988 911 Carrera Coupe, a Cream White 997 Carrera S, a Geyser Grey Metallic 2014 911 50th Anniversary Edition, a Signal Yellow 2018 GT3, an Orange 2007 GT3 RS, a Yachting Blue Metallic 2022 GT3, and more. Just check the gallery above for more eye-popping images.

The colors on the more modern Porsches are made possible by the brand’s Paint to Sample program, which lets customers choose nearly any color they want from the brand’s catalog as long as they pay the standard $12,830 fee (around 12,300 Euro).

Porsche has also made available Paint to Sample Plus, which allows customers to also pick colors from other automakers, but for a higher price.

No other automaker has a culture of color as prominent as Porsche, and the creation of the Exclusive division in the 1980s is  what made possible the ample Porsche color palette.


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