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Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Revealed: First Porsche Supercar Developed Purely for Gamers

Porsche has finally revealed The Porsche Vision Gran Turismo. Initially announced in 2019 at the International Auto Show in Frankfurt, the German automaker has joined the Vision Gran Turismo program with the first all-electric supercar designed for the virtual world. Yes, you heard me right! The all-new Porsche Vision Gran Turismo is a video game model developed for gamers.
Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Reveal 7 photos
Porsche Vision Gran Turismo RevealPorsche Vision Gran Turismo RevealPorsche Vision Gran Turismo RevealPorsche Vision Gran Turismo RevealPorsche Vision Gran Turismo RevealPorsche Vision Gran Turismo Reveal
Polyphony Digital Studios launched the Vision Gran Turismo program in 2013, during the Gran Turismo 6 debut. The project lets automakers design virtual concept cars to feature in the popular video game. It is the first time Porsche has come up with a concept design that will solely exist in a virtual landscape.

Porsche is not the only automaker with a concept model. Mazda, Mercedes, Lamborghini and others are also part of the project. The new Porsche Vision Gran Turismo is exclusively available on Gran Turismo 7, which comes out in March 2022.

According to Porsche, this was a new exciting challenge for its designers. They had more freedom since there are no restrictions to build a car with today’s technology. Porsche designed the Vision Gran Turismo model to be visionary, realistic, and not pure fantasy.

The all-new Virtual Porsche is a low-slung all-electric mid-engine supercar. It’s a Porsche in all aspects with a typical fast-looping roofline, aggressive front bumper splitters, massive diffuser, sturdy fenders, and a super-compact package retaining very real design elements. Porsche has included some experimental parts to the design, such as the four-point signature light and iconic rear light bar.

The Vision Gran Turismo is a two-seater with a low seating cabin position. The all-new digital Porsche comes with a yoke-design steering wheel, a minimalistic center console, and transparent instrument cluster. It might be digital, but Porsche insists the model car has an entirely vegan material build.

It is not just about the looks, the driving experience and thus the driver was a crucial part of our development. We wanted to show what an all-electric sports car could look and feel like in 10 to 15 years,” Peter Varga, Director of Exterior Design at Porsche AG, said.

It is easy to see the connection of the Vision Gran Turismo with current Porsches on the road. The Vision Gran Turismo model is a product of Porsche designers in collaboration with enthusiastic gamers. Porsche believes the ideal vision of this virtual sports car can be possible in the future.

Even though the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo is an all-electric supercar, Porsche has not specified its specs. The automaker is also is looking to take some real-world inspiration from this concept for future models.

According to Gran Turismo’s Kazunori Yamauchi, the appeal of Porsche originates from its purist design, something that Polyphony Digital Studios and Porsche have in common.

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