Porsche Taycan Ionity Charging Prices Set at €0.33 per kWh

As Porsche’s first electric vehicle is starting shipping to customers, the German carmaker has embarked in an all-out offensive to provide its customers with the infrastructure needed to rid them of range anxiety.
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Porsche Taycan chargingPorsche Taycan charging
In Europe, where the Taycan is expected to make quite an impact, Porsche made it so that owners can have access to over 100,000 AC and DC charging points spread throughout the continent. Those charging points include the ones operated by Ionity.

Ionity, a group formed after BMW, Daimler, Ford and the Volkswagen Group joined forces, caused quite a stir earlier in January when it announced the new pricing structure for the services it provides.

Until the start of February – that’s for the next two days at the time of this writing – there’s a single €8 charging fee per session for direct customers, regardless of kWh used. As of February 1, those prices will explode, as the company will charge €0.79 per kWh.

Of course, people who own an electric car made by one of the groups mentioned above will have some perks. Charging an Audi e-tron, for instance, there’s a fixed subscription (which varies depending on the plan chosen) to which another fee is added, it too dependent on the type of charging used.

As the last week of January draws to a close, Porsche too announced how much charging the Taycan from an Ionity station would cost, given the change in strategy. And, provided owners meet some criteria, the offer is quite good.

Prices have been set Europe-wide at €0.33 per kWh, and probably a separate subscription will be required (no details were provided by the carmaker). But customers who live in Germany, and use the Porsche Charging Service app, that's all they have to pay for the first three years of owning a Taycan. After the three years are up, the price for kWh remains, but a subscription of €179 per year will be added.

More details on how Porsche plans to provide charging solutions for its customers can be found in the press release section below.

press release

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