Porsche Taycan Cross Pickup Looks Fast and Ready to Haul Stuff in Quick Render

Automakers diligently prepare for the impending electric revolution, and it seems like every other day, we’re getting news of another brand going fully sustainable. Eventually, all of them will be relying on electrons to power up their machines, so it’s not impossible to imagine even classic nameplates like Porsche eventually giving up all things ICE-related.
Porsche Taycan Cross Pickup rendering by superrenderscars 3 photos
Porsche Taycan Cross Pickup rendering by superrenderscarsPorsche Taycan Cross Pickup rendering by superrenderscars
The German automaker has become famous for its commitment to boxer engines, the 911 moniker, and high prices. Of course, every now and then, surprises did arise, such as that time in 2002 when Porsche presented its first-ever SUV model, the now ubiquitous Cayenne.

Because Tesla shouldn’t be left alone to enjoy the premium high-performance EV sector, Porsche eventually came up with the Porsche Mission E concept car (at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show). The latter materialized in the spectacular Taycan not long ago, and the company again made the automotive history book with its first-ever fully electric car.

The sedan has been updated regularly, both with new versions and body styles, such as the recently-unveiled Taycan Cross Turismo. Yes, it’s that slightly crossover-esque five-door shooting brake that Porsche touts as being its first model “that will be CO2-neutral throughout its use phase.”

Because its sibling has already proven to be very successful, we expect the Taycan Cross Turismo to also enjoy a fruitful career for years to come. Of course, that doesn’t mean the next step for the series is to make it a Tesla Cybertruck rival, though.

Still, that crossed the imaginative mind of the virtual artist behind the superrenderscars user on Instagram, so here’s the possible (but highly unlikely) pickup truck version. As far as we can tell from this quick render, the Taycan Cross Turismo's front end has been kept unchanged, the modifications starting from the ceiling and B-pillar areas.

The latter then becomes the starting point for a rather small truck bed. Come to think about it that would make it a possible competitor for the little Alpha ACE Wolf, rather than something like the hulking 2022 GMC Hummer EV. As far as the power levels would be concerned, though, this virtual EV truck should certainly bring all the 751-hp grunt of the Turbo S version to the party.


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