Porsche Roadshow 2013: Test Driving Porsche's Range

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  It doesn’t matter if the scenery around you is just a small, unimportant piece of field, it will all feel like the background from a Lord of the Rings battle when you’re accelerating away into the horizon together with another dozen Porsches. Seriously, when it comes to a driving soundtrack, there's no track in the world that beats the sound of many Porsche boxer engines and V8s feeding themselves with air all at once.
What’s more, this is not a movie, it’s the Porsche World Roadshow 2013. The carmaker invited us to spend a day with 22 of its creations and we’ll basically get to drive all its models back to back.

You can see the anticipation in everybody’s eyes during the short briefing in the morning. The weather outside isn’t helping much with the concentration. The combination between the moderate temperature and the strong sun acts like a magnet that pulls us towards the cars, which are nicely lined up on two sides in front of the showroom we’re sitting in.

400 km (250 miles). That’s the distance on which I’ll be leaping from one Porsche model to another like a motor-crazed bunny. Of course, you can’t just set a pack of journalists free among your cars and expect things to stay under control, so we were accompanied by three Porsche instructors: Kay, Axel and Wim.

We set off split in two groups, with each car containing two media representatives. However, to my right, instead of a fellow automotive editor, I have the one of the organizers who didn’t get a ride with the instructors. The conversation with Cristina lights up quickly. She seems to be an automotive aficionado herself and the day is already fun.

We start off in the Cayenne Turbo, because the rear seats seem to be large enough for her to stowe her purse. Sure, I had been eager to kick off in one of Porsche’s sports cars, but the ridiculous feeling of super-capability offered by the 500 hp SUV quickly offers me some patience.

We’re on the outskirts of the city now, an area that makes you want to think about escaping. However, you don’ have to meditate for too long. A quick dip into the throttle brings a never-ending surge forward and the city is already behind us.

At the first stop, we move into the Cayenne GTS. It's always good to spend some time with an old friend, so I'm happy. I'll even take the time to tell you how the two of us became friends. It didn't take long, in fact it was all done about three or four minutes into our test drive, when I first got the chance to explore the resources of that supercar-like exhaust.

While the Cayenne Turbo doesn’t bother making conversation about the road, floating on its cloud of torque, the GTS would tell you stories about the tarmac beneath you all day long.

This is a car that manages to hide its SUV nature very well and you can never have too much of such an asset.

Next up it’s the 911 and I see Cristina looking at it and then putting on a pair of big eyes and a smile of admiration. Nice move you pulled on her, you cheeky 911 Carrera S.
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