Porsche Does 360-Degree Spin in 911 GT3 to Prove a Point

When you buy a 911 GT3, you're basically paying a team of German engineers who are obsessed with precision, receiving a piece of lap time machinery in return. However, those who doubt the GT3 can also serve as an extreme weapon for spinning shenanigans are wrong.
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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
You don't even have to trust us on this one and that's because Zuffenhausen has sent us all a message, in the form of the footage below. The clip shows a GT3 pulling 360-degree stunt on a wet surface.

You can see a Porsche driving instructor (and his entertained passenger smiling under her shades, for that matter) manhandling the machine from start to finish.

Let's talk about what makes spinning or drifting a Porsche such an intense experience

So what makes a Porsche spin so special? The answer lies in the aspect that makes the 911 itself unique and that's the rear-engined layout.

While the stunt mentioned above seems almost natural, you can see the GT3 resisting for a few brief moments, just before the maneuver is completed. Sure, the engine now sits closer to the car than ever before and the GT3's rear axle steering is a blessing, but physics will always be physics.

In fact, much of the thrills you get from using a Porsche for such shenanigans is this attitude of the car. You can feel the 991 generation's technical advances joining forces with the driver in the quest for taming that weight at the back of the car.

We've seen the automaker integrating more and more tire-burning activities in its promotional efforts over the last few years and the reason for that is simple. With drifting and other moves of the sort becoming more and more popular, all Porsche had to do was to step out of its Le Mans-winning driving comfort zone.

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