Porsche Plunges Upside Down From Garage – Has Cash on Its Belly, but Where's the Driver?

Porsche Panamera collapsed from parking lot in the Bronx 6 photos
Photo: ABC7NY | YouTube
Porsche Panamera collapsed from parking lot in the BronxPorsche Panamera collapsed from parking lot in the BronxPorsche Panamera collapsed from parking lot in the BronxPorsche Panamera collapsed from parking lot in the BronxPorsche Panamera collapsed from parking lot in the Bronx
The strangest thing you'll see today happened in the Bronx. A Porsche Panamera plunged from a garage in the Bronx and landed upside down. The aerial video shows a pile of cash on the belly of the car, but the driver is nowhere to be seen!
The incident took place early on Sunday morning, leaving everyone baffled. The sports car crashed through the concrete wall of the parking lot located on top of a shopping mall at 10 West 225th Street in Marble Hill. It flew off of the second floor, 20 feet (6 meters) down, taking parts of the concrete wall with it and landing on its roof on the grass below.

The driver was nowhere in sight, so they reportedly fled the scene before the police arrived. Authorities have eventually found the one who was behind the wheel in a hospital emergency room. He had suffered minor injuries. A worker from the ER showed up at the crash scene to check just how high the parking lot where the car crashed from was. He did not want to appear on camera but told ABC7NY that the driver walked in and was not as bad as expected, considering the height where he collapsed from.

However, the strange part of this event is far from over. Aerial footage from the scene shows the first-generation Porsche Panamera with cash on its belly. Authorities have also found a smartphone there.

Authorities towed the car away, leaving pieces of metal behind, and are now trying to use every detail they found to figure out what happened in the Bronx. The roof of the Porsche Panamera caved into the cabin so there is a big chance the car will be labeled as a write-off.

The police also found the owner of the Porsche Panamera. It is a woman from Pennsylvania who had no idea where her car was. She flew from her home to New York when authorities contacted her and informed her about the incident and came to see what was left of her Porsche. "I am very upset," she stated in a conversation with ABC7NY.

To avoid similar incidents, the administrator of the parking lot blocked the area of the collapsed wall by parking a van next to it before fixing it. The owners of the shopping center that integrates the parking lot will ask for the help of an engineer to check if the structure of the building was affected by the Porsche crashing though the wall.

Two weeks ago, a Chevrolet was seen dangling from the ninth floor of a parking lot 

This is the kind of incident that the authorities in Charlotte, North Carolina, managed to avoid two weeks ago. Back then, a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 crashed through the wall of a parking lot head-first, but only the front end and front wheels came out.

The firefighters stopped traffic, secured the area to avoid injuries, and took 41 minutes to bring the car to safety. Photos from the scene showed the black Camaro dangling from the ninth floor of the parking deck.

The driver had reportedly forgotten to engage the parking brake and left the car in neutral. The Chevy rolled into the edge of the parking lot floor and crashed through the wall. There were no stacks of cash involved in that case, though.

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