Porsche Macan Custom Exhaust Battle: Hamann vs. Armytrix

The Porsche Macan is technically based on the Audi Q5. But it's so good that people forgot about this fact just a few months after it was launched. The PDK gearbox makes this a proper Porsche, and no matter which engine you go for, it's going to be fast and refined. Evoque? What Evoque?
Porsche Macan Custom Exhaust Battle: Hamann vs. Armytrix 1 photo
The levels of performance on offer even in the Macan S outclass the baby Range Rover, while the Turbo is untouchable. But you can make the Macan even more of an Evoque humiliator by fitting it with some custom exhaust systems. Thankfully, two came out at roughly the same time, and we want to compare them.

The first one we want to look at is from a tuning company called Hamann. They offer a bespoke widebody kit for this compact SUV, but this black cat only has a few spoilers. The quad exhaust system features beveled chrome tips that clearly hint something has been changed to anybody that's seen a Macan before. Thanks to the wider piping, the sound made by the V6 twin-turbo engine is even louder than before.

The second custom exhaust comes from a well-known shop called Armytrix that specializes in radical titanium systems for supercars. Can you tell? Of course, you can, since the Cat-Back Valvetronic setup screams as loud as some older Ferraris. We'd buy this one and drive it on the red line all the time.

Armytrix gives you an app, a special remote and promises their pipes will increase output by 18 hp and 19 Nm (14 lb-ft) of torque without re-mapping the engine. Pricing information isn't available, but we believe the setup is a little more expensive than Hamann's €3,250 simpler muffler change. If you consider that those 22-inch Hamann Anniversary EVO wheels cost €5,510, and a full re-map is another two grand, the visit to this tuner may prove more tempting and expensive at the same time.

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