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Porsche Macan Clone Gets Fake Porsche Badges, They Cost $29

Knock-offs can be spotted quickly, but some people feel that they need to fake it even further, and they even copy logos.
Zotye SR9, a Macan clone, fitted with fake Porsche badges 6 photos
Zotye SR9, a Macan clone, fitted with fake Porsche badgesZotye SR9, a Macan clone, fitted with fake Porsche badgesFake Porsche badges "designed" for Zotye SR9Fake Porsche badges "designed" for Zotye SR9Zotye SR9, a Macan clone, fitted with fake Porsche badges
Just like designs, logos are trademarked, but that did not stop a few enterprising Chinese individuals to offer fake Porsche badges in their homeland.

However, do not imagine they are targeting Porsche clients that want cheaper logos for their cars. On the contrary, they want to sell these “accessories” to the people that bought the Zotye SR9, which is a Chinese “clone” of the Macan.

Feeling confused? Don’t be, because this has happened before in China, and various European, Japanese, and American designs were blatantly copied by “designers” of domestic brands.

This used to happen on a vast scale years ago, but the existence of a Porsche Macan clone and its equivalent for the Range Rover Evoque shows that people keep buying these cars over there, and lawsuits have not managed to stop others from selling knock-off cars.

As Car News China reports, a full set of fake Porsche badges costs the equivalent of $29 on Alibaba’s Taobao, a website that is the local equivalent of eBay and Amazon put together. The idea of that portal is that people can sell what they have to others interested in their products, and many offers include knock-offs.

The same website claims that these “accessories” are so popular that Zotye dealers have begun buying them and proposing to install them for their clients. This will never fool a petrolhead, but if you have the kind of neighbor that gets impressed with what appears to be a Porsche Macan, you can move to China and violate trademarks together.

Evidently, clients can choose between a broad range of fake Porsche badges, and cheaper products are offered, as well as ones that cost more than the equivalent in yuan of $29.

If you are curious, the Porsche Macan clone costs between $15.780 and $23.470 in China, which explains why people that buy it are not interested in paying for Porsche’s original logos on their fake cars.

The Zotye SR9 it is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which is based on a unit designed by Mitsubishi. You can get it with a six-speed dual clutch transmission or with a five-speed manual gearbox.


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