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Porsche Confirms Specs for the Taycan Electric Car

With the launch date set for 2019, Porsche’s first fully electric vehicle, the Taycan, got detailed a bit more by the Germans on Monday, who also confirmed some of the technical details surrounding the car.
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2019 Porsche Taycan2019 Porsche Taycan2019 Porsche Taycan
As per Porsche’s statement, the Taycan will be squeezing more than 600 horsepower from the electric motors. Electricity will be stored and distributed via an 800 V system.

The battery is to give the car a range of over 500 km (311 miles), while naught to 100 kph (62 mph) acceleration is confirmed to be of under 3.5 seconds.

The secret to the performance of the model is, according to Porsche, the use of two permanently synchronous motors (PSM) like the ones deployed on the 919 Hybrid race car. They generate a permanent rotary motion that can be applied at any time without needing to be started.

One of the motors is fitted to the rear axle of the car, while the other spins the front wheels and together allow for a more compact design.

“We opted for a permanently excited synchronous motor in the Taycan,” said in a statement Heiko Mayer, drive unit project leader.

“They combine a high energy density with strong sustained performance and maximum efficiency.”

The batteries that will make it into the Taycan will be capable of fast charging. While being compatible with 400-volt technology chargers, the battery can take its juice from 800-volt systems, meaning a range of four hundred kilometers (248 miles) can be achieved in just fifteen minutes of charging.

Porsche estimates it will be manufacturing 20,000 Taycan models per year, roughly two-thirds of the current sales figures for the 911.

The electrification efforts made by Porsche are meant to allow the company to switch to electromobility before all other German auto manufacturers.

By 2025 Porsche plans for every second car sold to have an electric drive unit, with half of the models purely electric and the other half plug-in hybrids.

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