Porsche Cayman Spins Out of Control as It Tries to Convince a Model S to Race

The thing with challenging an EV to a drag race in a gas-powered car these days is that if you lose, it's not just you who gets covered in shame, but the entire spectrum of vehicles that use this type of propulsion.
Porsche Cayman spinning as it chases Model S 4 photos
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Porsche Cayman spins as it chases Model SPorsche Cayman spins as it chases Model SPorsche Cayman spins as it chases Model S
And the Internet is abound with examples that show you should pick your fights very carefully. The Tesla Model S was the first to start it, but now it seems the Chevrolet Bolt has gotten the jest as well as it's all too happy to make Volkswagen's hot hatch, the Golf GTI, admire its rear design.

When you're in a Porsche, however, you tend to see the world differently. Years and years of advertising and word of mouth have transformed the German sports cars into a thing of legend. Sure, a drag race isn't particularly their expertise as they much prefer the twisty bends of a race circuit where they can display their cornering abilities, but since there are more straight roads than tracks in the world, they had to adapt.

But it's the same halo surrounding the Zuffenhausen cars that seems to attract bad drivers as well. And for them, that sense of invincibility can be deceiving. But it also feels like a constant poke in your back that urges you to go fast and smoke as many of the other cars on the road as possible.

The driver of this white Porsche Cayman definitely tasted it. And since he was bored, he decided to tailgate a Tesla Model S. Whether he saw it was a P90D or not we'll never know, but regardless, he should have been aware that the Model S is capable of outperforming his car's off-the-line acceleration.

A bit too late for that now. The Model S driver sensed something was cooking behind him, so he slammed the 'gas' pedal (not a good idea lately). The Cayman followed him to the next set of traffic lights, where the pair turned right. The Tesla took off once again, but as the Porsche tried to do the same, the man at the wheel stomped on the throttle too early and spun into a nearly complete 360. The reaction from the Tesla driver, however, is a bit cringy.

On the way to #pmlquickstrike in the #tesla and this happens behind me! #porsche i

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