Porsche Cayenne Coupe Rendering Reminds Us What's Wrong with This Segment

Of all the car segments out there, the coupe SUVs must be the ones having the public opinion split the most. And it used to be a lot worse. When the BMW X6 first launched the SAC (Sports Activity Coupe) movement, there were those who were this close to chasing it down the street, burning torches in their hands.
Porsche Cayenne Coupe rendering 3 photos
Photo: RM Car Design
Porsche Cayenne Coupe renderingPorsche Cayenne Coupe rendering
Nowadays, things have settled into a more quiet feud that only rarely burst out in the open. However, for every man who thought the X6 was the embodiment of Satan, there was one working his ass off so he could one day afford one. Subsequently, other brands wanted a piece of this pie, so now the BMW X6 is joined by the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, just like the BMW X4 will soon be kept company by the GLC Coupe.

But Mercedes-Benz just happened to move the fastest, because others have RSVPed to the silent invitation launched by the Bavarians and have announced similar models of their own. Think no further than the beautiful Range Rover Sport that will soon have its rear chopped off God knows how just so it can join the party, and it looks like Porsche will do that too.

Out of the bunch, the sporty Stuttgart brand is probably the most entitled to build a car like this. Not so long ago, its very limited lineup was strictly made up of sports cars, some of which could have been described as "coupes." No sedans, no station wagons and most definitely no SUVs.

But then Porsche needed to become profitable, so the Cayenne came along. And when the brand's fanbase thought it couldn't get any worse, we got the Panamera. Now, it looked like the worst is behind us, and then this Cayenne Coupe rendering came along (courtesy of RM Car Design).

Unfortunately, based on the spy shots seen so far, we'd say this is pretty accurate. We would have hoped for a more three-box-styled car, but it appears like we're going to have to settle with this beetle of a car that looks like a jacked-up Panamera. But if this is what it takes for Porsche to pump out gorgeous vehicles such as the 918 Spyder or the Mission E, then, by all means, buy this hideous creature.
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